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I hunt during the day if theres been a full moon, but avoid spotlighting as past experience has proved ineffective. When in Zimbabwe recently on a 2 week plains game hunt, we had a full moon on arrival. Our guide stated the hunting would improve during the week as the moon became smaller. Sure enough, as the moon began fading we would seen more game during the day. The guides theory was the plains game could see predators more easily on a moon lit night & feed and move around more than usual. They would then bed down for most of the day.
Most new handheld GPS units have a hunting/fishing almanac, stating best hunting/fishing times & dates. I never base any of my hunting/fishing on these times or dates ,& only found this function on my GPS unit one day when I was bored. Interestingly, after several successful hunts & hot fishing sessions, I have later consulted the GPS hunting/fishing almanac & the times have coincided with its predictions. I'm still not a 100% believer, but for laughs you should check this GPS function when next hunting/fishing, you might be surprised.
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