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I have seen deer scent me while hunting on the ground. Once a young buck was walking by my set up and when he crossed the wind blown scent path his head came up quickly, he looked around and just took off running. They will smell you and I don't think there is really any 100% effective cure for it. You can lessen the effects of your scent but not completely IMO.
Most of the deer that wind you you never see. Now that I've gotten a little older I generally sit in my elevated box blind with a heater(new this year) and hope for the best.
This season I took a decient 130+ class 8-point, a good sized boar hog and a coyote. All from my comfortable blind with windows taken from an old camping trailer. It took years of feeding to build the trafic I see.( yes, we hunt over feeders in Texas. but I won't shoot any thing under mine, at least not yet).
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