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I had a good deer season this year and contibute it to changing things up somewhat over past seasons.

I wash all of my clothes in the No Scent Laundry detergent, hang outside to dry and leave in outdoor aired area, bath with the soap, wash my hair with the No Scent Shampoo. I wear rubber boots all the time. I got into my stand at least 1hr before first light and two hours at lest before the evening hunt period. Stay quiet and still no matter how many mosquitos are chewing on me. Peed in a thermos type screw on top water bottle. I didn't blow grunt calls, doe bleats or put out scent bombs. All of this combined and I ended up seeing deer of some sort, type and size 75% of the times that I sat. Any time I varied that routine or falied to do something to control my scent, I got blanked.

Oh yeah, and go every chance you get. Like others said you won't see them siting on the couch. Well, you could, but some dude will be shooting them right after they let them out of the pen with a TV camera on it.

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