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You won't kill (insert quarry) in your den! I hunt when I can.

I do not like to deer hunt opposite a full moon. My deer sightings always go down. Full moon afternoon hunts seem the worst. I've started to hunt mid-day on full moons, say 9:00-2:00Pm, but can't really say that's made a difference.

I try and hunt w/ a plan, ..... quarry is here, going to go here, I need to be overthere, like that sort of. I hate hunting blind, but know a lot of guys who do just that. Two of the best bucks on the local WMA were killed by guys who just walked to a spot and plunked down and the deer showed up. No clue to deer behavior, the rut, etc. May be something to being " random."
Critters get pretty good at predicting humans, ever notice how somebody w/o a clue kills a big buck?

Spring turkey. Stay in the woods, hunt hard. Can't say how many times I've got on birds mid-moring, mid-day, late in the season, after many have quit and gone home.
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