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He states that when shooting a 1903, the shooter actually "releases the grip safety between shots which allows the hammer to reset. Its just like a 1911...its the same briefly let go of the safety and re-squeeze, allowing the trigger to reset"
Is this man a licensed gunsmith?

Before I typed that sentence, I got out my 1918 Colt Model of 1911. It doesn't give a tinker's cuss if the grip safety is squeezed or not, when the slide cocks the hammer, it locks.

Then I got out my 1920 Colt model of 1903. And...yes...indeed it does function identically in this regard- pistol doesn't care

Well, maybe they are both broken. I get my Colt Series 70 from 1978. Gee, the hammer cocks and stays there locked, grip safety depressed or not.

Your ex-'smith thinks that the grip safety is a hammer drop safety. That's pretty frightening
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