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MLEAKE. i too am a vet...i was EOD...that has nothing to do with it...except you should understand fighting for our rights!!!ly

i would not have pulled the gun out in that situation but i would probably have gotten involved.

i have also had nearly 30 years of hand to hand training so i feel that i have a respnsibility to help those whom can't help themselves. i dont have the FRAME to back it up as im only 5'7 and 170 pounds...but get ahold of me and find out about my frame!

my dad was a cop in the old days was a naval UDT team leader in korea and maybe i have a bit of his spice in me

oh and i DO pull over to help with flats and go out of my way to help others in need on a regular basis...i have no fear of answering questions at the pearly gates for my actions or lack there of

OLD MARKSMAN: just how "old" are you.? not that old but even i can remember the days when you helped someone you were thanked not sued!!!

LAW makers and LAWYERS have caused more problems than they have solved

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