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i agree with you that maybe he was excessive but he did what he did and the point is no one was hurt...did he shoot anyone.NO did he detain a dirtball YES.

i guess i look around and see far to many things happening because others are AFRAID of what might happen...

peetza im not saying he should have pulled the gun but again what bad came?

insurance is not going to cover a cash deposit... just like if someone comes into my house and steals good to the insurance company.

so let me ask you are at home and someone comes in and says hey im going to steal your tv set but i wont hurt you or your going to let them do it if you have a gun in your night stand?! A BIG FAT NO!

Ok a dirtball approached YOUR WIFE and CHILD and grabbed their stuff? gunna sit back and watch it? what if I watched it happen to your wife and some guy stabbed her and i said wow i saw the entire thing and did nothing...sorry dude about your wife dying? HECK NO you be very mad if that happened and somoeone had the ability to stop it and did nothing.

i'm simply tired of everyone being afraid to help for fear of being sued or arrested its FRIGGIN STUPID.
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