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Just for argument's sake...

... night deposit? That's what insurance is for.

Medications? Again, call 911 or take the homeless guy to the ER. If he's already in cardiac, he probably can't explain to you that he has nitro in the bag, and I doubt that's the first place you'd look.

Some situations might justify intervention, but not use of deadly force. If you only know how to intervene by pulling a weapon, then you should stay out of those.

There are people who will also argue that if you are carrying a weapon, you should not intervene using non-deadly force, because the situation could escalate to where you might have to use deadly force to prevent the other guy from taking your weapon from you. This makes a certain degree of sense, but to me it's still situationally dependent. (I also have the advantage of a lot of years of hand to hand training, and a decent sized frame to back it up) In general, though, it's safer to intervene by noting details and calling 911.

If and only if I think somebody is going to come to some immediate harm am I going to get physically involved (with regard to confrontations).

Note: While we're talking about civic duty and all, I have pulled over and assisted victims of auto wrecks, and helped get both people and a dog out of burning buildings. (Prior to arrival of EMS and fire; once they are on scene, stay out of their way.) I've helped bring back a swimmer who went too far for her capabilities out into a lake, which wasn't fun because I'd seen gators in that lake the week prior. I've helped a stranded elderly couple with a broken down vehicle on an interstate. My parents raised me to behave in that manner, by behaving in that manner, themselves. That is more their idea of civic responsibility than pulling guns on possible bad guys would be.

If you really want to go out and be a do-gooder, try doing those sorts of things instead of looking for reasons to justify pulling a gun.
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