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just for arguement sake...
Just for arguments sake, 99% of the time you'd be better off to just replace the deposit. It's likely to be a HELL of a lot less than your legal fees.

There are an unlimited number of "just for argument" or "what-if" scenarios. They are unlimited in number and exceedingly unlikely, not to mention most loses are insured. So, gym bag? Night deposit? Purse? Sneakers? No.

Stabbing, rapes, beating, etc, MIGHT be different but, once again, if you don't see the whole thing then you don't REALLY know what is happening. Even if you guess right the "victim" can easily turn on you, immediately or in court, because you ended up shooting her husband/lover/boyfriend/whatever.

How about this "what-if"? You end up shooting a man who is attacking a women.... it turns out to be her husband.... now she's after YOU.... "You didn't have to kill him! Why!? Why did you do that!?!?"... now she comes after you with pepper spray.... "I'll kill you! I'm going to spray you and kill you with your own gun!!!"..... now what? Shoot her too?

Unlikely? Yepper, sure is.

Almost as unlikely as someone dying because their asthma medicine got stolen.
Nobody plans to screw up their lives...
...they just don't plan not to.
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