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just for arguement sake...lets say it was a young lady carrying the deposit from her store that she just opened and some thug had grabbed that and run off? she cant replace it and now she has to go out of business because of it? any less harmful if she cant feed her kids??

or what if it was the homeless persons medication? nitro pills and the stress caused a heart attck and he died...oh hes just a homeless guy right?!

just saying i still believe in old school punishment.

the law of the land so to speak. i dont need a cop to fight my battles and i sure aint gunna wait for or depend on one when it all hits the fan...oh please dont stab me until i call the polce and wait 10 minutes for them to show up!

we NEED more citizens with the balls to stand up and so NOPE NOT ON MY WATCH DIRTBAG!

NO THANKS NOT ME...better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6!
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