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... wow... just wow.

FYI, I've intervened in beatdowns before, when I wasn't carrying. I've defended women on sidewalks and in a hotel bar from assaults in progress.

I'm also getting ready to retire as a naval aviator in the near future, and will be heading to Afghanistan in the fall as a defense contractor.

Please lecture me some more about timidity, why don't you?

If you can't see the difference between intervening when a man is getting stomped or a woman is being beaten, and a guy running away with a duffel that may have been stolen from a third party, then I think you are in for an interesting and potentially unpleasant life.

To all the guys who seem so eager to use a weapon: if you can pass the psych exams (which isn't necessarily a given) then there are plenty of open positions in the Army and Marines, or Border Patrol, or any number of PD's and SD's. My guess is that most of the chest beaters here would either fail the psych or the physical, but feel free to prove me wrong.
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