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Bad situation resolved...

My sister and a friend of hers were in The Bahamas for about a week in January. They did the tourist thing and hit the clubs and shopping, all that stuff. They both walk...a lot. About halfway through the trip, they were out pretty late and walking back to their condo and broke the cardinal rule of being out at night. They weren't aware of their surroundings. A guy ran up to them and grabbed at my sister's purse.

Now, she's pretty strong and apparently her purse was pretty tough, too. So they started a purse tug of war. Her friend just froze. So, my sister did the only thing that came to mind. She started yelling. And apparently, the most amazing stream of cursing and obscenities started flowing forth at ear-piercing volume. Now, she's an elementary school teacher, so she can crank it up and apparently she was in overdrive. It took about 10 seconds of this for lights to start turning on and the thief decided that this was a really bad idea.

So she was fortunate that nobody was hurt, nothing was stolen and she was able to come back home with a good story (that will probably entertain us for years). Her friend learned new words. I, a former sailor, blushed.

They took taxis at night after that.
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