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The Finns are certainly collectable. The nice ones that came in imported awhile back are selling for alot more, like Swede Mausers do now. If you want to just blast away for fun at the range, any old safe to shoot 98 variation will do and give you that nice purple mark on your shoulder the next day. If you want to really invest in something, get a all matching vet bringback Mauser K98. They are expensive now. Not too long ago you could be buying really nice bringbacks for 3-400 but you will pay alot more than that now. Still, authentic examples will go up in value. There is more demand than supply. Bite the bullet and spend more for a really nice one. You can still shoot it. They don't break easily and you can get plenty of non corrosive commercial ammo or load it. Not like a collectable Luger wherein you might break some little part and have to worry about that. The common imports are cheap and will stay that way for a long time.
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