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I am glad Rich and Denny look at my work and it isn't just thrown out there--- thats why I have the easy job. I can research my subject for months. They have to know EVERY subject in the book, and know it well

They are my Sir Francis Bacon and I am the Shakespeare who gets the credit-although I am not illiterate as he was.

Anyway,this is the most cordial disagreement I have seen, and we all have the reader in mind.

remember those True Police magazines, etc, that had a girl tied up on the cover? all the sensational photos?

that was some of the best true crime literature every published, and I had to wade through a stack of them to get my degree in Criminal Justice-prof. Henry mandated it! But a bit of the absurd gets your attention.

yes, Rich, we are going to do very well.

Take care
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