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Publisher Hat Off.
Reader Hat On.

I disagree, RK. The blood and gore in The Godfather movie, for instance, was unprecedented. However, it was necessary and appropriate to the storyline. In this case, one image of the body, demonstrating the taped hands, would have would have done it. The additional three, including the frontal pic, provided me no additional insight in context of the article. Nor did I need the half buried face to understand that the "Victim's face showed evidence of her interment". I'd have preferred to see the space for those images dedicated to more info on the Squad or its cases.

Reader Hat Off:
Publisher Hat On:

The images were not particularly gruesome. I had the opportunity to kill them at Blue Line stage and didn't. I think that was a mistake that I need to learn from. As for Denny; yup, he was having a rather black day reading "stopping power" and "master blaster" threads here on TFL. However, like you, Denny rides for the brand and I couldn't ask for better. If this is the worst mistake made in this partnership, we're due to be a raging success!
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