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(Denny posted while I was composing my last message.)


That does make sense -- I know that sometimes you've got a choice between 'not quite right' photos, and no photos, especially when working under deadlines and such. And I agree with you that the other pic was boring.

But I really think six unnecessary pictures of a dead girl is worse than a boring picture or two.

The one good thing about those photos is that they do, as you pointed out, bring home the unsavory nature of most murders, and produce a visceral desire to see the killer brought to justice, no matter how long ago the crime was committed.

But if it were that important, that point could and should have been brought out in the article as well, or in a sidebar, or in one of the captions. If that point were important enough to justify publishing those photos, it was also important enough to put into words.

My .02; kudos on the good stuff, etc etc.

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