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Perhaps you don't prefer the blacked out rear Dawson sights. I've also got some Dawson skinny fiber optics on a Glock 35 and the part I appreciate the most is the apparent open space on either side of the front past. But I do feel like I have a better referencing lateral alignment with rear white dots when lighting is a bit dimmer. But I'm no expert.

I agree with taking it slow and shooting more with both before going nuts and buying more stuff. Buying is what I'm usually guilty of, but then I never quite figure out what happened even if I stumble on something that works.

I suspect with blacked out rears you'd have to have more your focus on the front sight and the light bars beside them. This is in contrast to keeping an eye out for the white dot rears in the periphery of the sight picture. Maybe it's a re-training issue.

It could be different sight heights (are your Dawsons taller overall?) mess up your initial presentation requiring you to adjust before you shoot, and adjust on every followup, clashing with your muscle memory.
It could be the new gun and new grip associated with it - again causing your initial presentation to be different.

Good luck.
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