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Help with sights?

Ok- so I picked up a M&p 2.0 5" 9mm to use for 3 gun,uspsa, steel challenge and idpa-
I put dawson competition sights and a apex trigger in/on it-- I was looking for faster tracking of the front sight--- so black target rear with f.o. front(skinny)
I am having accuracy problems with it--
It's not the gun--it holds .75" at 15 yards bagged---

I was starting to think maybe i'm just not as good as I thought ---but I took my shield(bone stock- 3 dot) to IDPA today. I shot a back up gun in the ssp division.. A big disadvantage I'm told .. well I shot sharpshooter on the qualifier...
I am very confused as to why I shoot this subcompact better and faster
I do wear glasses and feel like on the shield that the front and rear sights are on the same plane(as if the rear sight had 3 dots to align)
help please

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