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The carbide expander balls are great. If you use them for rifle cases I recommend you still apply the traditional dry (motor mica or graphite) neck lube. That reduces the drag still further, essentially eliminating the pulled-off-axis neck tilt commonly associated with steel expanders.

The adjustability allows you to raise the expander to just engage the bottom of the neck before the case mouth has fully cleared the neck of the sizing die. This further reduces the chances of getting an off-axis neck by forcing the expander to center in the die axis. Just be careful you don't get the expander and sizing die neck too close together as making expander contact with the brass before it has got clear enough from the sizing die actually increases drag.

The adjustability allows the same expander to be set up as I described above for several different length cartridges that use the same bullet diameter.

What usually bends decapping stems is decapping cases with varying head thicknesses. You set up on a case you think has full head thickness, but you find out you were wrong when the thicker head of another case rams into the decapping pin chuck.
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