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I had a Taurus Model 66 in .357 years ago. It ate everything and was accurate for me. It was a 6" model, blued. I bought it because I didn't have the money for the gun I wanted the most at the time, the Ruger GP100. I'd guess that I put 10,000 rounds through it.
I eventually traded in the Taurus and got a blued GP100 6 shot. I put about 20,000 rounds through that thing and traded that in when I'd wore it out. What did I get? Another GP100 6 shot in Stainless. That gun only has a couple thousand through it right now and it is one of my favorite guns.
I've no experience with the 7 shot Ruger but I have a buddy that won a 4" Taurus Tracker in .357. I have made loads for it and I've shot it. I liked it but it can't replace my GP. It handles magnum loads well though.

My point? If you are not comfortable with the 7 shot, seriously consider the 6 shot Ruger GP100. It is a sexy looking tank of a gun.
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