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It does seem to make a small difference. It doesn't "pull" the neck as much when sizing the case. I've been playing around the last 2-3 months with different methods of sizing .223 Rem cases and adjusting headspace in the gun. I've gotten two pages of data measuring multiple loads shot under different parameters. Setting the headspace made a difference, bumping the shoulder for me didn't make a measurable difference, and using the carbide expander button seemed to improve groups a bit. I got my TC Encore pro hunter to where the last eight 5 shot groups were all at or under .65" at a hundred yards. When I first got the MGM barrel I was getting over an inch for about everything I put through the gun and sometimes one load would shoot .5" and the next time it would be over an inch. Keeping everything FL sized with adjusted headspace, using the carbide expander, and finally setting the bullet .005 off the lands got me to some very consistent groups. Not record breaking by any means, but I could see what was making improvements and what didn't seem to do anything. YMMV
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