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I guess I would have to agree with the idea that iron sights set at 1.41” makes sense in a lot of ways. Some folks really do have faces that big that they need that extra room, and for everyone else, having a more heads up posture to align the sights, or to even be a bit above them for index shooting, could be a benefit in a quick shoot scenario.

But when it comes to scopes I’d prefer a proper cheek wield.

The PRS stock is always an option.

In this case, I’m happy to have the basic A2 stock, and since the scope is smaller than a 50 mm objective, I’ve got plenty of room to work with to bring it down to my level.

Thanks for the recommendation of the riser. While it may not be the best route for this project, I hadn’t put much consideration into that idea, and it is a good one.
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