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Am I a big UTG fan? Well, not necessarily. But if it’s what I need and it’s all that exists, I guess I’d rather it be $35.00 than $350.00.
I have some UTG QD rings on an AR, and they've given me no trouble. One nice thing about UTG/Leapers rings and mounts is that they make a wide range and publish the dimensions on everything.

In your position, I would use the UTG mounts before building something on a Yankee Hill riser.

Based on my own height, weight, and the size of my head compared to most other people in the USA, it always surprises me how high most AR mounts are. That being said, there are some big fellas out there with big faces, and the standard AR height sights were probably designed with them in mind. And so it continues.
I think 1.41/36mm works very well for iron sights for most people, but those iron sights aren't plagued by parallax and shadowing.

Of course, you could use your current predicament as an excuse to buy a PRS stock.
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