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So I asked Optics Planet’s customer service and this is some of what they said to me.

These both have a center ring height of 33mm which is 1.3”. The first one is a 34mm offset, or 1.33”, the second one is a 50mm offset, or 1.97”.

And that was all they could find.

So that’s pretty dang close to perfect. Am I a big UTG fan? Well, not necessarily. But if it’s what I need and it’s all that exists, I guess I’d rather it be $35.00 than $350.00.

I tested out some 30mm 1.25” centerline scope rings on the rifle with the scope (just setting things in place without tightening anything much) and found the 1.25” centerline height to be pretty much perfect. I could even say that it COULD be lower and I’d still be ok. I felt like it was still even just a tad higher than perfect , but I’d much rather the mount/rings be a bit too tall than a bit too short.

So with these 1.3” centerline mounts being just .05” taller. I think I’ll be in good shape. 1.5” centerline is too tall for me to get anything but a jaw or chin wield on a regular A2 stock or the like AR. Not to say that I can’t or don’t shoot them like that, but in this particular case. I really wanted to go lower.

I’m surprised that non of the high end mount companies make anything like this.

Based on my own height, weight, and the size of my head compared to most other people in the USA, it always surprises me how high most AR mounts are. That being said, there are some big fellas out there with big faces, and the standard AR height sights were probably designed with them in mind. And so it continues.

I personally have found HK height sights on a typical AR to be quite nice (If I remember correctly, it’s been a while)

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