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Does it exist?

I know exactly what I need, but I can't seem to find it.

I'm mounting a scope to an AR, and this is exactly what I need.

30mm rings with a 1.25" centerline... (which is easy enough)


I also need 1.5" of offset for the front ring so I can mount the scope 1.5" further forward.

There are one piece 30mm mounts that have 2 inches of offset, which is great, but they all have a centerline of about 1.5"

I've found that a 1.25" centerline is perfect for this project, and I don't want to go higher if I don't have to.

I see plenty of 30mm rings out there with a 1.25" centerline, but nothing that provides 1.5 inches of offset as well.

Does anyone know if what I need actually exists? Where can I find it? Any other recommendations?

Thanks :-)
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