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I agree with the OP and others in that I would like to see a tiny revolver made and sized for some caliber in between .22 and .38 (as opposed to a .38-sized gun with .32 rounds stuffed in). Ideally I'd like for it to be top-break too, and instead of trying to come up with an important-sounding reason, I'll just admit that it's because I think top-breaks are cool.

I also, unfortunately, agree with other posters in that I don't see a high chance of that happening.

However, what I really dropped in to say is this:

Originally Posted by Glenn E. Meyer View Post
2. Here's a modern Russian break top that didn't make it:
Man, that REX is a nice-looking gun. Not in a classic "rosewood and stainless" way, but in a modern, utilitarian, dare I say "tactical" way.

OK, carry on.
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