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I did! I really didn't know what to expect, never having shot anything black powder or muzzleloading. I was expecting more of a kick.

I suppose this is where I can talk about my highly untechnical load info. I already mentioned the 70 grains of 3f, which fired successfully both times with no discernable delay.

Since I don't have any actual black powder supplies, I made do with what I had around the house. I scavenged a cotton ball from a pill bottle, and cut that in half, enough for my two test fires. I rammed that down the barrel after the powder. Then I took the nuts I mentioned earlier and wrapped them in a small square of tinfoil, and rammed that down the barrel. The tinfoil had been suggested to me, being that it is non flammable, and wouldn't set my neighbors woods behind his sap house on fire.

The first attempt was mostly a miss of the cardboard box. I think I pulled it a bit when firing. Only two nuts struck the box, and they only went through the front of the box. No video of that, as my technologically challenged neighbor was running the video on my cellphone.

For the second attempt which you see in the video, I loaded it the same way, except I wrapped the nuts with the foil more securely, and rammed it a little tighter. The result was my load penetrated all the way through front and back of the box.

Given how short the barrel is, and how old and possibly brittle it could be, I don't feel comfortable putting any more than 100 grains of powder down the barrel, or using large wads and a ball. I think I'd just stick with shot, considering the limited usefulness of this relic, that it was sold as a wallhanger, and that I still can't get the barrel out of the stock for closer examination.

Does this sound about right, or am I being overly cautious?
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