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In terms of pure quality, I think there are two leaders in the red dot market, and they are Aimpoint and Trijicon. Some people say that the Leupold Deltapoint also belongs in the top tier class, and that may be true. I have not had the chance to evaluate a Deltapoint yet, but I am looking forward to it.

On the small pistol red dots, I cannot speak from personal experience about all the different models, but the people I know who rely on them have mostly chosen Trijicon RMR.

For rifle sights, I have shot with a wide range of red dots, and I strongly prefer Aimpoint when reliability really matters.

With all of that said, note that my original statement said "in terms of pure quality" the premium brands are best. I did not mention value, because frankly, Aimpoint is not a great value. There are sights that are almost as good for less than half the cost. The question is, do you want the best, or do you want good quality at a good value? They are probably not the same.
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