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When his only chance of retreat was lost, he was in a corner and a guy who stood maybe five feet taller and outweighed him by what looks to be forty or so pounds had been tossing him around like a bag of chips.
You are describing a mental trap.. not a physical one. Firstly, he was defending himself from jackassery. This had gone on for a pretty good while and the big guy had not harmed anyone. Sure the guy was big but he seemingly lacked the motivation to do much other than injury pride. It looked like pure silliness and the guy with a gun had the same options the entire time. He could simply redirect the "attackers" forward momentum, using it against him( pull him in) and get him out of the way. As far as him being boxed in.. lol a rack of chips and soda is not a sufficient barrier to keep any able bodied person confined, its a mental illusion. If he really wanted to get away from the guy without fighting him, he could have gone over the food isle. Sure it would make a mess but come-on.. its hardly a trap. Using a gun to manage that situation is nearly unbelievable.
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