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The big guy was obviously angry and it would be smart not to under estimate the fellow but even as he seemingly became angrier and angrier, he passed on every opportunity to actually harm someone. He threw a drink, he postured, he ran around, he seeming blocked his license plate he pulled at the guys shirt and pawed at his outstretched arm, lumbered around, pushed and pulled. Its all a rather benign representation of "attack" if you even want to call it that. Its provocative, its harassing, its goading, its unpleasant, its probably a minor crime in most places but if someone wants to highlight what part suggests life threatening peril... I am all ears.

TunnelRat hit on some good points.. put the drink down and leave, get gas somewhere else... walk away, break contact, create distance, pay attention to what is unfolding around you and remember that a firearm is not always the deterrent you might expect it to be.

I will add: Stay out of minor skirmishes, civil disputes and all other adversarial jackassery that you can simply walk away from. You will never find me getting involved in the troubles of other people. I will call the authorities and I may intervene if innocent life is actually in peril but short of the worst thing you can imagine, I am going to keep my nose out of it.
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