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Yes, a lower center of gravity makes us more stable. Firing from a bench helps, too. I suppose it depends on your intended purpose for your shot.

My intended use of a firearm is more for defense than anything, so I suppose I would prefer the ability to remain more mobile, to move from cover to cover, etc.

I'm a bit broken, so taking a knee and popping back up again quickly is fairly difficult for me.

Lots of good kneeling and prone variations out there, Google images a few and see if one is more comfortable and stable for you. We are all shaped differently, what works for a light and limber Bruce Lee isn't going to work for my busted fatness.

I tended to lay my leg sideways and lean forward more than the.... Wedding proposal? position.

I've never given the sitting position an honest try, it seemed to have had its merits with folk.

James yaeger, love or hate, has attended far more firearms classes than I have. Take what I say for what it is, just an amateur opinion.
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