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Oversized barrels and plated bullets

I've got a Browning High Power 9mm with a barrel that I slugged twice which has a bore size of .358. At this point I've shot nothing but factory ammo through this gun, seems to group alright.

Would like to start shooting some reloads, I don't cast so any lead bullet would have to be commercial and I doubt finding a .359 sized 9mm projectile would be easy let alone fit in the barrel. I've thought about trying some of the coated bullets, but still it would be undersized.

So my question is, how about plated bullets for my high power? Do plated bullets have a better tolerance of barrel size then lead bullets? Or am I just stuck with factory ammo or buying FMJs to reload?

Am wanting on Bar-sto to reapply back on when they will be making new High Power barrels.

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