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Long Gun Accessibility

I like to keep a long gun out of the safe for home defense when one of us is home. To be clear this solution is implemented in our bedroom and we have no children. Our guests are never in our bedroom so this is safe. If I had children I would not store a firearm this way.

I have been leaning a shotgun up in a corner of our room and had decided that it was too far away from the bed to do any serious good. We were keeping it in the bedroom safe and simply taking it out leaving it access able. Cruiser ready of course. I decided that I wanted quicker closer to the bed implementation that kept the gun in a safe position.

I used two spring clamps that are made for hanging rakes and shovels in a shed. I simply found the closest studs and took some measurements. Bottom line I liked my idea so well I went with a his and hers approach.

I need to add some rubber or felt to the metal clamps to minimize scratching.

Regards, Vermonter
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