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Diameter of pulled bullets after Lee FCD

I am a little late to the party but this might be of interest.

I made 10 dummy rounds while trying to solve a won't chamber problem(this thread was very helpful). All used once fired Winchester 45 ACP brass. Five had Missouri Bullet 230 RNL .452 and five were Bear Creek Supply 230 RN polymer coated lead .452.

The dummies were crimped lightly with a Lee FCD. The bullet diameters were
measured before loading, and after pulling, with a micrometer. The interesting thing was that the MBC bullets were NOT sized by the FCD while the BCS bullets WERE sized:

From box MBC avg .4521 >> after pulling avg .4520

BCS avg .4526 >> after pulling avg .4509

I was surprised by the difference. These results seem to undermine generalizations about the goodness or badness of LEE FCD for lead bullets.
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