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Unless you say what charge weight of Bullseye you put into each case, there is no way for anyone to even guess whether the load is safe or not. If you are new to reloading you should begin with a starting load of around 4.5 grains of Bullseye and then gradually creep the charge up at your seating depth, while watching for pressure signs. I would expect 4.5 grains to be safe because the Alliant web site has a maximum load of 5.0 grains of Bullseye posted for the Speer 230 grain Gold Dot seated to 1.2" COL and it is a similar type of bullet (though not identical, so you still need to work the loads up to be sure they are safe).

For the future, the Hornady Manual says the correct seating depth for your bullet is 1.230". If you email Hornady, they will give you their COL and recommended loads free, but they do not have Bullseye powder listed for that bullet.
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