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Reloading 45 acp 230 gr JHP

Hey guys,

I'm new to reloading, as well as this form. So bare with my terminology! I have reloaded probably about 40 shells completely.(have not shot them and don't not want to until I know it is safe to do so, because of the way I have reloaded them)I used a lee 50th anniversary reloading kit with RCBS 3-die set( it seems to fit and work well with the lee press). Bullseye powder, federal shells , Winchester small primers, and hornady xpt 230 gr JHP. I have only one reloading book, Lyman 49th edition and it does not have 230 gr JHP. The closest is 225 gr JHP. It states that the OAL should be 1.243", I have reloaded mine to be around 1.200 give or take .005...will my bullets shoot safety??
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