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confusion resolved

Thanks Unclenick for setting me straight. The loads I had done were luckily at the minimum charge and they were set .045 deeper than they should have been with the shoulder beneath the case mouth. With the .665 bullet set to an OAL of 1.245 they chamber well. With 3.6 gn of Clays that I had shot they were running about 730fps. and you could shoot them at paper all day.

The other questions I have are about swc in my Sig 220. They are .640 and the bullet manufacturer recommended 1.245-1.250 and my dummy load I made 1.250. The tip of the bullet gets scuffed chambering---should I be concerned?

I've read that plated lead takes the same load data as lead. Is that indeed true.

Thank you again for your help. I'm trying to go slow and learn all I can.
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