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Great discussion on the simulation training.
Let me give you some background.
Simunition was designed in the early 80's by three guys, one named Ken Murray.
When you are talking about simunition rounds, what you are really talking about is the FX marking cartrige manufactured by the company "simunition" this may not seem important except for the fact, Simuniton makes many types of ammo that will kill you.
Ken Murray is the director of training for Armiger Police Training. He headed up the training for Simunition for may years. He is the person that wrote the training manual and continues to train law enforcement and other trainers in the art of senario based training.
As far as "getting" the students when you are the bad guy. As we all know the concept of action vs. reaction, we can "get" someone else if they don't know what we are going to do. The concept designed around this type of training is to make the student stronger through experienced based training. This helps the student survive when they encounter these type of situations on the street.
So the fun, when your playing the "B.G." is seeing students/officers become stronger and getting the skills they need to make it home after a long day at the office. If the officer fails because the B.G. is always playing the "got you" and not getting survival skills training you are sending them in the wrong direction.
This type of training is 99% mental 1%ammo. Remember training is to make the student stronger, not for instructors to make the students fail.
Anyways, the glock "blue" gun is the Glock FXT. it sells for about $450.00. Simunitions now has a conversion kit about $150.00. Other kits are available for most autos and for you revolver shooters the make a .38cal FX round.
To get the rounds as a civilian you must get certified as an instructor.
The Glock Gun is an AFT restricted gun, why? Their ATF, any question??

Stay safe, keep on fighting the good fight.
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