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I'm glad to see your department cares to give you guys the very best.
I am not an LEO, but I had been assigned to work with our local agency, mostly warrants on gang houses, etc..for the last eight years.
The Lt. that I reported to wants his guys to be well trained, but his bosses put a budget on them so the only thing available was simunitions training in abandoned houses or businesses.
One time he needed some guys to play BG's so he asked two of us.
We went into an abandoned store that still had electricity and the first trainees showed up. The only thing they knew was it was a report of a robbery.
They came in cautiously but guns still in holsters.
My friend had put an apron on, gun under apron. He talked in this horrendous accent that no one could understand, he drew down on them and shot both of them.
We did variations of that on four other trainees that night.

Is there some scenarios that you can share with the TFL'ers?

Thanks in advance and keep your head down and stay safe.
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