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The above web page has links that show new installations. I can't find/see any that are public. It would sure seem to make sense to install one at a public range as described by sigmund, but haven't found one on the left coast (yet).

This (FATS) doesn't look like the same sim I got to play on. The Glock was a real one with components changed out to work with the sim. The mag was actually loaded with special round charged with ~3000psi to provide recoil and slide op. Not sure if or when I'll get to go again, but I like LAsur suggestion of the simunitions BG!

One of the 'other' toys that y'all will probably recognize is the RedMan. The recruits really (mostly) like it. If we could figure out a way around the insurance problems it would be fun to be the BG in the RedMan suit. Probably couldn't take the job away from the training unit, they enjoy it waaaayyy too much.

gotta pretend to work for awhile....
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