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Thank you so very much for the time, effort, research, and patience you've exercised here.

I'm going to get around your charge of "bias" by continuing to present (in my classes) the entire spectrum of "willingness to help" options. I will not identify my personal decisions but I will state that I have information "independent" of what I (in TFL) call the "party line" which negates many of the arguments we have heard in the past. (If I may, I'll e-mail later this week for some other info.)

I am astounded at the extreme differences between the material you have presented here on TFL and the information I have heard presented as facts here in the San Antonio/Austin area. (That's not a challenge for God's sake! All I've been given was word of mouth and contradictory. Rest assured I accept your research.)

Whether or not you have proven me "biased" or "wrong" is not the point. You have illuminated a flaw in my attempts to get as many people as possible ready, willing, and able to provide First Aid (including CPR). For that I thank you and assure you I will make changes which I believe you would find suitable.

Hmm, I guess we ought to give the TFL back to everybody else now, huh?

I don't know where you will ever see the subject of "Bloodborne Pathogens" expanded to "Communicable Diseases" as thoroughly as Olazul's last post. I don't know who Olazul is, but I will guarantee you "This ain't no First Aid Instructor!" Best of luck.
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