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I keep abreast of auction prices as a method of keeping up with my own gun values. Just about any of the collector grade S&W or Colts are going for several thousand dollars.

Unless you are in the business, gun sales - pawn shop, will you be able to pull together several guns for 3 grand.

Some of us have nice Smiths and Colts we bought years ago and are worth a lot more these days. We are the ones who are blessed and lucky.

I would not be surprised to see the MR73 in demand and the MSRP to also go up. Lets face it, prices are skyrocketing on just about every thing. Look at the lumber shortage and steel tripling in price. Houses and cars are going to be affected.

Plastic guns as the only ones less expensive on the market, and that is not true even for all of them.

Champuis Armes only produces 400 MR73's per year.
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