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Training Without Shooting

Originally Posted by Carl the Floor Walker View Post
Of course I shoot for the pure enjoyment, never said I did not. If I had my way I would be shooting every day, but this is far from the norm. And a far as pellets guns and rifles, they ARE fun. I was shooting more than a 2,000 rd of 9mm a month before the CRAPOLA.
We all have our opinions of what we will need in the Future. Yes, I do have medical supplies, water etc, but do not count on a community of like minded people to help. Great if so, but I do not want to assume anything.

In fact just got back from the range today. But shotgun only. And yes you need to keep up with those skills as well. The Shelves at the lGS were the lowest I have seen yet. I mean they were BARE!

Yes, I might give in a take a box of 9mm to the range when I just cannot stand it any longer. But I know very well, that every box shot is a box gone for good. Each to his own.

Having a community of people is not the same as relying solely on that community. Having it is important in the event you get sick or injured. Independence is great, but the reality is there are limits.

I’ll add, ammo is still available. It’s harder to find and much more expensive, but it hasn’t disappeared for good. At least not yet.

Per your more recent edits, I don’t believe pellet guns can replace shooting actual centerfire cartridges. A supplement, sure.

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