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yep, got myself a new paperweight
don't give up so fast!
like bill said, most likely repairable.
cobra derringers are a knock off of yours and plentiful. i bet some parts are interchangeable with some basic fitting/mods.
if not, a new part could be fabricated pretty easily, as long as you have the original for a pattern. worse comes to worse, parts can be welded, machined and heat treated to be good (or better)as new.
theres a few folks here that can rebuild your derringer in a reasonable time frame. i'm confident it can be done, but i couldn't even look at it for 3 months, just way too busy right now. pm me if you can't find anyone else.
btw, i'm retired and do smithing more as a hobby now. hence, i usually charge only what it costs me. right now i'm building 1911's, which is why the 3 month wait.
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