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I've seen deer with their jaw shot off on three occassions due to some idiot taking a head shot and I've seen several with their nose shot or holes in their ears. It's a very poor choice of a shot. Neck shots? Get a diagram of a deers neck and see how much room the spine takes up and how big the major arteries are. There is a lot of room for hitting the neck and hitting no vital spots. One other thing...I've shot competition for many years and in my opinion very few shooters are the shots they think they are. There are a lot more losers than winners and I've seen some pretty bad shots that think they can really shoot. The heart/lung are is pretty big and any reasonable caliber going through this area with a good bullet will kill the animal. You don't need to be a champion shooter to hit the area either. Good ethics dictate taking the fatal shot with the best odds of humanely killing the animal.
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