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Johnny Guest,

I havent seen any GameKings being used at that range, but I wouldnt doubt it for a second. I have seen them shot from a 300 Winchester Mag into a five shot group of less than 10 inches at 1000 yards. Pretty darn acceptable by anyones standards. My original comments about the MatchKing and hunting were from my own personal observations and the fact that I usually hunt with match grade rifles. I will not shoot any animal unless I can get a good boiler room shot. When I have opened them up, I have found that the matchking does one of two things almost 100 percent of them time. It either sheds it's jacket completely or bends and tumbles. Either way, it makes a mess of anything in it's path as it's still a big chunk of high velocity heavy metal. They also shatter bones just as well as anything else. I shoot my match loads in hunting situations because I am absolutely certain of how they perform with respect to shot placement. However, you can get nearly the same performance with a GameKing, especially at the more realistic ranges found during a hunt. Plus you get a big fat mushroomed bullet. Although I havent seen the GameKing (who know what folks load into the chamber, they are somewhat secretive) shot at those ranges, I have seen Nosler Ballistic Tips win matches. So I have no doubt that the GameKing has spanked a few folks in the past as well.
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