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Can any of you more experienced folks help me out with
some things that I am spending way too much time
I am a fairly experienced handloader, including one and
only one loading for a .308 that I have had a while.
It is a .308 Ishy, and I have been making 150 gr SP
loads for it that I am satisfied with. But I must
explain 'satisfied'. The Ishy has crap iron sights, and
with my worn out eyes my handloads have not been my
main concern.
Now, I just got what is likely to be my most accurate
rifle. A Savage 10FP, 24" bull barrel, dunno the
twist. I get it home, browse the Users Manual, and it
says that it was accuracy tested/qualified/designed
(I forget the exact wording) for .308 in 168gr. So I
ordered some Sierra 168gr. bthp Match bullets, which I
don't have yet.
My questions to the more experienced are these:
Is the 168gr bullet recognized as more accurate than
a 150gr SP bt? If so, is it due to the weight, or due
to the hp vs. SP? I am really interested in a very
accurate light-skinned animal hunting type projectile.
I think that the Match bthp does not fit that interest.
Is this a correct prejudice on my part? Do you have
a recommended projectile?

Thanks in advance,
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