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Many military armorers are highly skilled, but only in certain firearms, and only in certain aspects of those firearms (e.g., the areas affecting accuracy). The same is true of many gunsmiths (often ex-military) who work only on certain guns, like M1911s or AR-15s. A general gunsmith should be able to do almost anything in the way of repair, modification, or adjustment of a firearm. In reality, most gunsmiths will "farm out" some work to specialists. Jobs like reboring and re-rifling a barrel are simply beyond the equipment and experience of all but a few specialists.

It should be noted, though, that while a general gunsmith should be able to do something like making a hammer for an old suicide special, that does not mean he will. Some jobs are simply not cost effective because the customer will not pay for the work involved; those jobs the wise gunsmith will turn down, with no regrets.

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