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From the description given, this appears to be the incident in question:

There appeared to be an extreme disparity of force in operation. I'll bet it could be reasonably argued that one punch doesn't amount to threat to life or grievous injury, but picking up a man who is already down and continuing to beat him in the head certainly carries a risk of death or permanent injury.

My response starts with shouting "STOP!". I am gifted with a good set of pipes augmented by theater training, and this results in something the wife refers to as "the VOICE". No brag, just fact ... it has stopped people in their tracks on more than one occasion. Even if I didn't have that going for me, I'd probably scream like a banshee.

I don't know about anyone else's circumstances, but "the VOICE" will absolutely get the BGs attention. If he stops, he stops. That would be a happy ending as far as I am concerned. God please let it go no further. My hand is on the gun at this point, but it isn't drawn.

If he continues the beat-down, the gun comes out and he gets ONE warning shout. That was warning shout, not warning shot. It will be something like "STOP OR I WILL SHOOT YOUR ASS!!!"

If I perceive that the victim is at risk of death or a hospital stay ... 350lb guy gets as many as it takes.

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