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i was thinking as if I were a bystander for the most part. There were 8 or so customers in the area. All would have seen every word and move made as the space was small and they were being very loud. Obviously with drawing a weapon, bystanders would certainly be a concern, including the victom. certainly not an easy question to answer i realize. Even if you had seen the tape as I did, it's still a tough question. But one of those situations you certainly could be faced with in todays world. Whatever I did. I very much hope that i would not have been one of the people who just stood there and did nothing.

Watching this show and others like it make you realize there are situations around the country every day that would make you asker yourself the same question.

Another situation I wonder about often is if I am a witness to an armed robery in a store of some type and you had the opportuity to draw and fire basically without being noticed. Do you do this or try to diffuse the situation.
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